Trustee and Committee Recruitment

RIBA Behaviours

Trustee and Committee Members

Candidates will be measured against the following behaviours that we believe are critical to achieving outstanding governance at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Integrity and professionalism

  • is reliable, proactive, considered, thorough and prepared, able to give time, skills and knowledge to develop themselves and others to create highly effective governance
  • plays an impartial and independent role, maintaining a clear line of delineation between non-executive and executive matters
  • promotes a culture of fairness, consistency, openness and transparency
  • is accountable; will do the right thing even in difficult circumstances
  • embraces and supports diversity, equality and inclusivity in all areas of their work
  • respects confidentiality 
  • identifies and acts upon perceived conflicts of interest
  • is open and honest about their shortcomings or limitations
  • shows genuine interest in, and commitment to the architecture profession and built environment

Professional communication

  • is clear, succinct, and respectful; listens to evidence and values the input of others
  • demonstrates active listening
  • is honest and transparent in all communications including own social media
  • appropriately shares information, balancing the rights of all people involved
  • responds calmly to conflict/tension 
  • asks relevant questions; recognises when to interject or challenge and when to allow others to speak
  • communicates effectively to a varied audience  

Risk-based decision making 

  • applies appropriate rigour to ensure all decisions are consistent, fair and based on sufficient evidence 
  • is analytical, logical, objective, empathetic and fair
  • is ultimately outwardly supportive of considered board decisions, regardless of personal views
  • is independent and keeps an open mind – judges each case on its merit whilst mindful of the RIBA’s charitable and wider public interest objectives
  • Takes a balanced approach to risk, assessing the potential benefits and drawbacks of decisions
  • is respectful and collaborative in decision making; takes account of views of other stakeholders
  • is astute, attends to relevant information and understands the value of meaningful questioning
  • is able to assimilate relevant information from written documents in a short space of time
  • shows professional curiosity, seeking out relevant and useful information to support timely decision-making

Collaboration and inclusivity

  • values people; demonstrates to others that they matter
  • is compassionate, empathetic and considerate, aware of their impact on others
  • actively works with others to reach solutions, make decisions and achieve excellence
  • understands the value of critical friendship; challenges constructively and respectfully
  • gives and receives feedback in a considered and fair way
  • manages disagreements and conflict; is able to influence and negotiate effectively
  • is approachable, builds rapport, with a pleasant and positive manner
  • trusts others and gains their trust and confidence
  • treats others with respect and dignity, especially when the decisions being taken are difficult
  • appreciates difference and the value it brings in delivering required outcomes 

Influencing and supporting change

  • applies rigour and sound judgement when considering change agendas, not taking information or data at face value and always striving for improvement
  • future focused and willing to partake in courageous conversations and express their opinion 
  • champions and sponsors positive change for the good of the RIBA and the architecture profession
  • independent and open-minded, considers all arguments for change in line with the RIBA strategy and constitution
  • positive and ambassadorial; outwardly supportive of agreed change internally and externally
  • able and willing to challenge conventional wisdom and open minded regarding new approaches to problem solving
  • recognises the value of innovation and creative thinking to organisational development and success