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Committee Members - Education & Learning

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Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)
Location independent – applications also welcome from non-UK residents
Unremunerated with expenses - c. 6 days per annum
Closing date:
29th October
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Recruitment timetable

Closing Date
Noon, Friday 29 October 2021


The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is a world renowned, global organisation that operates as a professional body, driving excellence in architecture.  We serve our members and society in order to deliver better buildings and places, stronger communities and a sustainable environment.  We are passionate about excellence wherever it occurs, have a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion in its widest sense. Being inclusive, ethical, environmentally aware and promoting the highest professional standards in architecture underpins all that we do.

We are appointing our new Committee members at an unprecedented time. The world needs architects to be at their best, to help facilitate and lead the realisation of the most appropriate solutions that respond to the problems, commitments and aspirations that shape our collective futures.  The changing regulatory and operational landscape in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the impact of the current pandemic on how and where we live and work, the UK’s EU-departure and the implications of Net Zero Carbon targets are examples of major shifts that demand our attention. We are also addressing some important cultural issues in our profession and have a responsibility to do so.  Ultimately, we must be a role model for our profession and demonstrate our values so that our voice is authentic and credible to make a positive difference. As an organisation, we are on our own business improvement journey, improving our governance and pursuing far-reaching business change to maximise our relevance and value to our current and future global membership. 

We are seeking to appoint a number of new members to 5 of our Committees: Membership; Education & Learning; Practice & Policy; Cultural Knowledge and Outreach and Standards. As a Committee Member, you will have an opportunity to make an important contribution, helping us to accelerate progress and make good decisions in these disciplines, whilst providing strategic challenge and support, as we pursue new organisational capability and standards of professionalism. You will bring relevant experience in one of the five committee areas, together with an interest in the built environment. Your experience of change, governance and control will be of considerable benefit to the RIBA as we deliver our programme of transformation, and applications are welcomed from both RIBA members and non-members.

In these appointments, we are seeking diversity in its broadest sense, and welcome applications from all communities and professions, both in the UK and overseas.  In addition to RIBA members, we are also interested in attracting committee members from other professional bodies, and non-members with expertise in education and learning (including primary and secondary education experience), the arts/culture, digital outreach and audience/public engagement.     

About the Education & Learning Committee

The Committees are permanent committees, reporting to the Board. The Education & Learning Committee assists the Board in maintaining appropriate oversight of education & learning activity in line with the constitution and these terms of reference.

The composition of the Education & Learning Committee is relatively broad, including Trustees, Council Members (not Trustees), a broad range of RIBA members, academic representatives of RIBA validated schools of architecture (both UK and international) and a representative of primary/secondary education (non-architect).

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How to apply

Applications must only be made through this site at  

Registering and Creating an Account

If you are not already registered, you will need to create an account by clicking the red ‘Create my Account’ button on the right. Choose a username and password. Keep these safe as you will need your account details to access your application and receive messages from us securely.

Once you have set up an account, you can log in at any time using the username and password you have created.

We will communicate with you throughout the process via notification messages in your account. We will send you emails to alert you to a new message, but you will need to login to your account to access it. This is to protect your privacy.

When you have satisfied yourself that you meet the role criteria and eligibility requirements, click on the red ‘Apply Now’ button.

1. Eligibility Questions

You will be asked a serious of eligibility questions, most of which require ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. If you do not meet the required eligibility, you will not be able to proceed with your application.

1. ​Competency Based Questions

You be asked 5 questions which are designed to assess your experience against the five key criteria for the role, which are:

  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Professional communication
  • Risk based decision making
  • Collaboration and inclusivity
  • Influencing and supporting change

To complete these questions, you will need to download the Application Form, complete this offline and then upload it to the site.

When answering these questions, you should take into consideration the role of a Committee Member and ensure that your examples demonstrate relevance and transferability to the role of a Committee Member at the RIBA.

Each question asks for a specific example in line with the specified competency.

Please write no more than 350 words per answer, using font size 11. If you exceed the word count, only the first 350 words will be assessed as part of your application. 

Suitability for Committee

You will be asked to provide a brief summary of your suitability for the role, making reference to your professional experience and outlining your suitability for membership of the relevant committee: Membership; Education & Learning; Practice & Policy; Cultural Knowledge and OutreachStandards Committee. Please state which committee you are interested in. Please do not attach your CV to this. Please note, this summary is required for context only and will not be scored. Your application will be assessed only on the responses to the five competency questions.

The final stage of the online application will ask you to complete some additional sections, including providing two referees (references will be taken before interview, but only with your prior consent, so please ensure referees are aware that they will be contacted), and details of other commitments and Conflicts of Interest. Once complete, you will be asked to make a final submission of your application. Once submitted, you cannot retrieve your application to make any further amends so ensure you are happy that it is fully complete. Please also allow yourself sufficient time to complete the process, particularly if you are unfamiliar with online recruitment processes. We would also strongly recommend that you submit your application well in advance of the deadline, to allow sufficient time to deal with any issues you may encounter which require support from the GatenbySanderson team.

You will also be required to complete an Equal Opportunities form at this stage.

We regret that late applications will not be accepted.  

Your online application must be made by no later than 12.00 noon Friday 29 October 2021

Additional Stages in the process

If the number of applications is exceptionally high, an additional stage will be included in the application process, which will be an online Behavioural Strengths test. Once the campaign has closed, you will receive an email from GatenbySanderson, providing you with a unique link to the test.

The Behavioural Strengths assessment examines your strengths in relation to those required for these roles. Elements covered include Evaluating Problems, Investigating Issues, Building Relationships and Communication. This test should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.

Please allow time to complete this as part of your application, candidates who do not complete the test by the given deadline cannot be progressed, no exceptions can be made.

1. ​Interview

The final stage of the process is a competency-based interview with GatenbySanderson and the RIBA. This 45-minute interview will be held virtually online. Interviews will take place on the dates in the timetable below, subject to the process used.

Following the completion of interviews, successful candidates will be notified from the dates in the timetable below, subject to the process used.

How we will handle your application

We will deal with your application as quickly as possible (timings above are indicative).

Once you have submitted your application through the website, its receipt will be acknowledged. Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement. If you do not receive this, after checking your spam, please contact please contact GatenbySanderson at BEFORE the deadline for applications. If you contact us after the deadline, we may be unable to accept your application.  

Once all applications and are complete, we will commence the assessment process. In the event that we use the Work Strengths test, we will begin by scoring this and progressing only the highest scoring applicants to the assessment of online competency-based questions. This will mean that candidates who do not pass the test assessment will not have their competency responses graded. Due to the anticipated volume of applications we regret that we are unable to offer individual feedback.

The assessment of the competency responses in your application will be evidence led. Your application will be assessed and scored only on the basis of the responses given against the competencies for the appointment. It is important that you respond to the competency questions in as much detail as possible within the word limit constraints. Your response to each section should provide specific and detailed examples to demonstrate how you meet each criterion (including what you did to achieve a specific result). Each criterion will be marked out of five, leading to an overall maximum score of 25.

In selecting the best people for interview, the panel will ensure that all the applicants demonstrate any essential requirements in the competencies for the post. You will be advised of the outcome of your application by e-mail.

GatenbySanderson and the RIBA will conduct interviews on the dates outlines above, subject to process; you will be contacted directly by a member of the GatenbySanderson team to arrange this interview. The interview will assess your fit against the required competencies. The interviews will take virtually online.

Reasonable adjustments will be made for candidates with disabilities.  If you have any specific queries and requests, please let GatenbySanderson know.

References for candidates invited to interview will be taken during the interview period. Please ensure that your referees are aware that they will be contacted during this time.

In addition, we will also undertake checks related to any information about you which could bring into question your eligibility or ability to perform the role or which might represent a reputational risk to the RIBA.

A final meeting to approve all appointments will take place on the dates outlined above, subject to the process used. We will notify via email as soon as the outcome is confirmed.

Travel expenses

It is not expected that any expense claims will be applicable as all assessments will take place online or via virtual conferencing facilities.

Monitoring information

The RIBA values equality and diversity and is committed to ensuring its processes and procedures are fair, transparent and free from unlawful discrimination.

We are fully committed to making the appointment process accessible at all stages for any applicants with a disability. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your individual requirements. 

To ensure we are treating candidates fairly, we monitor diversity at all stages of the appointments process. The application process includes an online equal opportunities monitoring form. Providing this information is optional and each question may be answered on an individual basis, but we would be grateful for your cooperation.

Information provided will be treated as strictly confidential and held securely in line with data protection and other relevant legislation and will be used for monitoring purposes only. It will not be seen by anyone directly involved in the selection process and will not be treated as part of your application. No information will be published or used in any way which allows any individuals to be identified.

Dealing with your concerns

The RIBA is committed to processes and procedures that are fair, transparent and free from discrimination. Complaints about any aspect of the appointments process for the Committee  member roles will be monitored, recorded and promptly handled. If you have a complaint, please contact our adviser, Katrina Paget, GatenbySanderson, at

Written complaints will be acknowledged within 5 days and will state the time frame within which a response can be expected. Complaints should be made within three months of the closing date for applications.

For reference, GatenbySanderson’s complaints policy is available via the website  

If you wish to refer your complaint directly to the RIBA, please contact Pamela Harding, Executive Director of People & Transformation. We will acknowledge your complaint and answer any concerns as quickly as we can. 

If you have any questions please email your query to and we will respond within 24 hours.

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